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Storytelling is my heroine.

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Virag Gulyas

A former ballerina, today freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. And storytelling is my heroine.


Azealia Banks, I Don’t Believe You!

I know that Israel has more important issues right now than dealing with a 26-year-old niche singer, but until there are organizations who are funded to deal with Israel’s lousy reputation, Azealia Banks and her Twitter rant are indeed important. I will never ever ever ever ever go to Israel again.
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The Greatest Disease Affecting the Jewish People is Ignorance

I met Richard Boruch Rabinowitz shortly after I arrived in New York City. While I already had my circle of Jewish friends in the city, I quickly found myself part of a more orthodox community as well as I started to help the Aish branches on their social media platforms and volunteered at their Gala(s) in Manhattan.
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Experts Weigh In: Why Is Israel Losing The PR War And How Can We Save Ourselves?

Virag Gulyas - “Why Israel’s PR sucks is a complex question. From one hand, it does not suck at all and many would argue this by proving that there is no other country with such enormous funds and organizations and so many pro-Israel voices out there than Israel.
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Israel’s PR Sucks! – A Hebrew In The Heartland [audio]

Not wanting to be offensive, but, also wanting the Zionist movement to be effective Virag offers very valuable constructive criticism. She asks why the Hasbara message is totally aimed at one very small segment of society, namely American Jews? There are many other audiences who need to be addressed and spoken with. She herself has been spending a lot of time at UN headquarters in NYC and engaging with women from Muslim countries who have never heard directly from a pro-Israel speaker.
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Israel’s PR Sucks!

I know I’m not part of your tribe per se. I know and am aware of my limitations. But I need to tell you, Israel’s PR sucks and unless we change that, we can’t win. I say we because I’m on your side. I’m with you.
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Gulyás Virág: Az antiszemitizmus Közép-Európából Nyugatra költözött

A magyarok és a zsidók története nagyon hasonló, a határon túli magyarok sorsából okulva lettem cionista – mondja a Mandinernek Gulyás Virág, aki először balett-táncos volt, majd EU-s külügyi képviselő lett, ma pedig online márkaépítési szakember. Hogy lesz egy budapesti balerinából elkötelezett Izrael-párti aktivista?
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Up Against 'The Wall'

The only difference between the Nazi and Arab boycotts and the BDS campaign is branding.
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BDS winning PR war by ‘influencer-marketing’

I once had a cultural crush on Roger Waters. Whatever music he produced impressed me. I grew up listening to his prominent album The Wall; I loved his songs with Pink Floyd and as a result felt I loved him as a person as well. And what do we do with the people we admire? We seek what they preach.
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Palestinian Solidarity or The Illusion of Truth? Nakba Day at the UN

A week passed since the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians. But maybe it’s better that I waited a week before penning how that day made me feel. The UN once again proved itself to be a tool and platform for featuring a false Palestinian identity, whose mission isn’t to build itself but to destroy Israel – and, frankly, with that to destroy even what they have today.
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A Day in the UN: “Zionism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction”

The single question that keeps popping in my head as I’m sitting at the UN headquarters in New York City is: how did we end up here? How did the UN get so perverted that terrorists can take a seat on floors where my badge doesn’t even let me pass? How does this institution still have any legal legitimacy when it suggests that the only country that needs to improve in this whole world is Israel.
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A Gun Pointed at the Palestinian’s Heads” – a Palestinian Historian Talks About Balfour

The ECOSOC Chamber of the United Nations Secretariat in New York pulled together a lecture on the Balfour Declaration and the impact it has had on the Palestinian people. Rashid Ismail Khalidi, the lecturer, is an American historian – or as he likes to call himself: a Palestinian American historian.
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How Far Can I Go as a Non-Jewish Pro-Israel Voice?

When someone talks nonsense about my country, my first question is: are you Hungarian? The next one would be either: Have you lived there? Or, do you speak the language? These are interchangeable. But the first question is always the same. Of course, many would attack back saying that they read enough, they know enough, they visited the country enough, their grandmother was Hungarian, and so on.
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Virag Gulyas

Virag is a former ballerina, today works as a freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. She is also a loud pro-Israel advocate, the founder of Almost Jewish, a movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time. Studied creative writing and journalism at NYU, and currently a Judaism graduate student at Touro College in Manhattan.

Her works were published in English and Hungarian and she was featured on Thought Catalog, The Goodmen Project, The Culture Trip, The Jerusalem Post (printed and digital), The International Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, MIDA, Israellycool,, Cafebabel, and other media outlets.



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