Virag Gulyas

Storytelling is my heroine.

New York City

Virag Gulyas

A former ballerina, today freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. And storytelling is my heroine.


The First 9 Days After The Breakup

That is my returning dream when things change. Yesterday night, I woke up from a nightmare. I had a blackout on the stage during Swan Lake. It was 1 AM. Wednesday. I knew it was over. I knew it was over because you said so. I knew it was over because I haven’t dreamt of ballet for six years.
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Don’t ask for Bonbons and Flowers for Valentine’s Day, ask for all that Happens in Between

Virag is a former ballerina (yes that classical tutu dancer), today she helps her clientele as a new media guru, personal branding & social media consultant, while enjoys storytelling, writes for different media, and speaks about her journey as a Christian Pro-Israel advocate in a raw honest manner.
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Virag Gulyas

Virag is a former ballerina, today works as a freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. She is also a loud pro-Israel advocate, the founder of Almost Jewish, a movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time. Studied creative writing and journalism at NYU, and currently a Judaism graduate student at Touro College in Manhattan.

Her works were published in English and Hungarian and she was featured on Thought Catalog, The Goodmen Project, The Culture Trip, The Jerusalem Post (printed and digital), The International Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, MIDA, Israellycool,, Cafebabel, and other media outlets.



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