Virag Gulyas

Storytelling is my heroine.

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Virag Gulyas

A former ballerina, today freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. And storytelling is my heroine.


Azealia Banks, I Don’t Believe You!

I know that Israel has more important issues right now than dealing with a 26-year-old niche singer, but until there are organizations who are funded to deal with Israel’s lousy reputation, Azealia Banks and her Twitter rant are indeed important. I will never ever ever ever ever go to Israel again.
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Fairy Tale in the Primary School of Lichk, Armenia

‘You are only a young man with big dreams’, said the mayor of Lichk to Lev Mkrtchyan six months ago. Lev reached out to OneEurope last summer seeking for help. And we helped in the way we could: we made sure his story is heard all across Europe. When we last met Lev , all we could convey was a shout for help from a little village somewhere in Armenia, where the only school in the area was about to be closed forever.
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Children Fighting for Their Schools

We are not living an easy life. While the world is facing many challenges in a wide array of affairs and focal points, somewhere deep inside the rural area of The Republic of Armenia a 21-year old young man is fighting his own battle. He is not fighting for his own life, or for personal benefits, but for something even more important, benevolent and philanthropic: he is fighting for the basic rights of others - to save the only school in his village of Lichk.
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Interns Out There: Now Is the Time!

"4.5 million take an internship per year, out of which 59% are unpaid, 40% are without a contract and 30% are internships that do not provide any learning content" 5.7 million young people are unemployed in Europe! 4.5 million take an internship every year, out of which 59% are unpaid, 40% are without a contract and 30% are internships that do not provide any learning content, except coffee-making skills.
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To all Interns in Brussels, to all Interns! Message Nr. 1.

Nowadays it is not easy to find a job even after having interships. Indeed, it is not even easy to find a proper internship. Being a fresh graduate or unemployed was never and never will be easy. Especially not today. Therefore, it is not such a newborn problem, yet a serious one. There have been uncountable papers, news and articles on the unbearable level of youth unemployment.
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Dear granddad, for Christmas I'd like a Eurasian union

In October Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin proposed a 'Eurasian union' of former soviet nations that could be a major global player competing for influence with the US, the EU and Asia, creating instant headlines about the threat of Russian expansionism. Is Putin mastering geopolitics? Where are the limits of his modernisation strategy?
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Virag Gulyas

Virag is a former ballerina, today works as a freelance writer, digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. She is also a loud pro-Israel advocate, the founder of Almost Jewish, a movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time. Studied creative writing and journalism at NYU, and currently a Judaism graduate student at Touro College in Manhattan.

Her works were published in English and Hungarian and she was featured on Thought Catalog, The Goodmen Project, The Culture Trip, The Jerusalem Post (printed and digital), The International Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, MIDA, Israellycool,, Cafebabel, and other media outlets.



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